AIC101 - Undergraduate Experience (3)

This course is designed to help facilitate your success in college by helping you master the skills necessary to reach your personal and educational goals. The opportunity is provided to enhance your ability to participate in and benefit from your total college experience. Learning Objectives: 1) Acquire effective learning and study skills such as time management, note taking, reading and study systems, test-taking skills, library research and writing skills, listening and communication skills. 2) Applying strategies that facilitate making a successful adjustment to college life such as understanding developmental tasks in college, understanding campus culture, policies and procedures, clarifying personal values and beliefs, understanding civility and civic responsibility, exploring educational and career interests, developing stress management skills and making healthy choices, understanding and appreciating individual and group differences, exploring other issues of importance to college students. PREREQUISITE(S): None

AIC102 - College Skills Review (1)

This course meets one hour per week for one semester and is intended for adult learners who are returning to college to complete their degrees and for certain non-traditional transfer students. The course is intended to help students readjust to academic pursuits. Skills to be reviewed include, but are not limited to: time management, note-taking, reading and study systems, test-taking, organization, and paper-writing. It will also familiarize new students with some of the academic resources and facilities available to them on campus. Open to Continuing Education and non-traditional transfer students upon recommendation of the appropriate dean. PREREQUISITE(S): None

AIC103 - Introduction to Career Development (1)

This course will focus on career planning and decision making for students who are undecided as to a major. It is designed to engage students in goal setting and self-assessment of interests, values and skills. The course will introduce students to activities related to the exploration of career choices, the job outlook in specific career fields, and the professionalism required for the world of work. PREREQUISITE(S): None