ART201 - History of Art (3)

This course traces world cultural development through the arts of architecture, sculpture and painting. The emphasis is on the social, economic, political, and geographic influences on the stylistic characteristics, subject matter and art forms of various world sites from the earliest prehistoric through the Modernist eras. The cultures of Africa, Australia, Oceania, the Near East, Greece, Rome, India, China, Japan, Europe (England, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy) and the Americas will be considered. Field Trip and fee required. PREREQUISITES: None

ART202 - Aesthetic Experience in the Contemporary Visual Arts (3)

The primary objective of this course is the development of sensitive taste in the comprehension of the contemporary arts for further enjoyment. The course will present an aesthetic approach to the appreciation of the visual arts of architecture, sculpture, and painting, with emphasis on the critical analysis and appraisal of art from recent and contemporary eras. Field trip and laboratory fee may be required. PREREQUISITES: None

ART203 - Art Appreciation Through Drawing (3)

This introductory course in art appreciation examines markmaking as the essential and primary means of expression. Lecture, visual aids, research writing and units of drawing explore the creative impulse of artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso and untrained outsider artists. The student will develop a primary vocabulary of form, materials, and methods for creative expression through studio work. Creativity and creative problem solving strategies are considered in the context of everyday life. Lab fee required. PREREQUISITES: None

ART204 - Art Appreciation Through Painting (3)

This course considers painting as it has developed from the early 19th century to the present through text, written assignments and studio exercises. Visual aids, slides and other resources familiarize the student with various Modernist artistic movements and individual artists. Studio work allows the student to better understand the formal principles of design, the nature of paint as a medium and the characteristics of creative endeavor. Field trip and Lab fee required. PREREQUISITES: None

ART205 - Studio Painting (3)

This is a studio arts course wherein the student will develop technical and expressive skills in the medium of acrylic paint. The student will explore realistic and conventionalized rendering in a pop idiom. They will gain understanding of the creative processing of an idea to result in a tangible product. Background information on pop art will be provided through slides, visual aids, and video from which the student will develop their own ideas. Students will learn about the relationship of pop art to commercial culture and the postmodern age in which we live. Lab fee required. PREREQUISITES: None

ART206 - Craft and Design (3)

This is a course that develops an appreciation of the arts from the aesthetic and contextual appreciation of the utilitarian, practical, and sometimes not so practical, objects most frequently referred to as crafts. The course will examine the relationship of fine art to craft, the craft object as product of particular cultures, the utilitarian and ritual purposes to which these objects are put to use and how their creation corresponds to these purposes. The course will demonstrate how craft reflects the age in which it was created and craft as it relates to industry and contemporary society. There will be opportunities to learn how these crafts are made through hands on practice. Lab fee required. PREREQUISITES: None

ART212 - Art of Rome and Florence (Study Abroad Only) (3)

This course explores Italian culture from the Ancient Etruscans, through the Christian era, the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque eras. Students will write assignments that analyze the characteristics of period styles, the socio/political/economic context, and that develop skills in the aesthetic appreciation of Italian painting, sculpture and architecture. Students will travel to various sites in and near Rome and Florence. This is an intensive course to be completed in 9 days with a prior class meeting time and post trip class meeting. Students will have guided tours to important sites in Rome, Florence, Siena, Castignano and Pisa. Written reflection and exercises concerning aesthetics, the formal elements of art, reasoned subjective analysis and impressions based on student's experiences will document the experiential portion of the course.