FIN200 - Budgeting for Human Services (3)

This course introduces students to concepts used in planning, control, and decision making in business and non-business organizations. Emphasis will be on developing, analyzing, and evaluating budget reports with a special focus on cost volume profit relationships, cost behavior, and human behavior aspects. PREREQUISITE(S): None

FIN203 - Managerial Finance (3)

This course introduces the student to financial management, with emphasis on the identification and solution of the financial problems facing business enterprises. Basic financial analysis is examined in concert with management of working capital, management of long-term assets, cost of capital, and long-term financing. Basic modern quantitative analytic techniques are used to introduce students to improved forecasting and planning methods. PREREQUISITE(S): ECO201 or ECO202, and ACC102

FIN303 - Money and Banking (3)

The course presents the essentials of money and banking, with special reference to developments of recent years. Balanced emphasis upon both theoretical and practical aspects of the subject is the basis for interpretation of problems such as inflation, recession, the interest rate structure, and national debt. PREREQUISITE(S): 12 hours of economics, and/or finance

FIN304 - Advanced Managerial Finance (3)

The course is designed to help students master the theory and applications of financial management. Emphasis is on the analytical aspects of financial problem solving using theory and concepts applied to a business setting through the use of case examinations. The importance of advanced quantitative techniques and the useful application of capital budgeting techniques are stressed. The material covered and the cases and problems examined offer an opportunity to assess and understand daily decisions on risk and return facing the practicing manager. PREREQUISITE(S): FIN203

FIN306 - Investments (3)

The course presents the organization and functions of the securities markets, types of investments, investment theories relating to risk and return on investments, and an appraisal of modern techniques in bond and stock valuation. PREREQUISITE(S): FIN203

FIN309 - Principles of Insurance (3)

This course is designed to provide a broad understanding of general theory and practice, with emphasis upon those principles common to all special fields: property, life, disability, liability, workers' compensation, fidelity, and automobile insurance. Accounting majors may take this course for economics credit. PREREQUISITE(S): FIN203

FIN310 - Commercial Banking (3)

The student will study of the structure, operations, and role of commercial banks. Attention will be given to sources and uses of funds, liquidity, earnings, capital structure, and regulation. PREREQUISITE(S): FIN303, or concurrent enrollment in FIN303

FIN311 - Fundamental Elements of Real Estate (3)

The course examines the principles and practices of land economics, forms of ownership with consideration of related areas of law, finance, insurance, taxation, investment, appraisal, and brokerage. PREREQUISITE(S): FIN203, open to juniors and seniors with permission of instructor

FIN313 - Budgeting & Financial Planning (3)

This course covers the techniques of designing a budget and incorporating the information required to make budgets an effective tool of financial control. It also deals with spreadsheet techniques and focuses on the importance of integrating budgeting with overall financial and strategic plans. Special topics include activity based costing, zero based budgeting, variance analysis, and the integration of budgets with financial and sales forecasts.

FIN326 - Business Cycles (3)

This course covers a study of the forces causing fluctuations in business activity. Possible devices to stabilize the economy will be explored. Also, the course will explore ways used by economists to attempt to predict the level of economic activity. PREREQUISITE(S): ECO201, ECO202, ECO303

FIN328 - Spreadsheet Applications & Financial Modeling (3)

This course trains students in the preparation and presentation spreadsheets and financial models using MS Excel software. Topics covered include: financial functions (NPV, IRR, annuities, FV), capital budgeting, optimization of objective functions under constraints, the capital assets pricing model, forecasting, time series and regression analysis, inventory and working capital management, ratio analysis. The focus is on developing skills that are directly applicable in the current workplace environment. PREREQUISITES: FIN203, ACC101, ACC102, and knowledge of MS Excel

FIN329 - Public Finance (3)

This course studies theories and techniques used at all levels of government management of an economy. Expenditure, receipt, budget, and debt policies will be emphasized. PREREQUISITE(S): FIN303

FIN335 - Practicum in Finance (3-6)

A supervised work experience for major in finance. Students will have the opportunity to observe professionals in action and to take part in office activities, thereby utilizing and improving skills learned through that observation along with those from classroom study. PREREQUISITE(S): Permission of the instructor

FIN351 - Seminar in Finance (3)

Realistic and actual situation problems of interest to the student will be discussed on an advanced basis. Independent research on current problems and situations concerned with the various facets of finance will be directed. PREREQUISITE(S): For senior finance majors or with the permission of the instructor

FIN354 - Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (3)

An overview of the entrepreneurship process starting with the individual, the creativity process, the entrepreneurial idea/concept, and feasibility analysis, and concluding with the business plan. Field trip(s) and guest speakers (e.g., alumni and faculty) appropriate to venture startup and infancy are incorporated. Topics include forms of business organization, patent/copyright laws, management, finance, store layout, employee theft, and franchising. PREREQUISITE(S): Junior or senior status or permission of the instructor

FIN398 - Directed Study (1-3)

Selected readings are chosen in accordance with the student's interests and background. PREREQUISITE(S): Senior status, written application setting forth objectives and reasons for the student's desire for a readings course, permission of the instructor, and approval of the dean of the School of Business Administration