HCC751 - Advanced Human Growth and Development (3)

This course focuses on current theories of human development across the lifespan. Consideration of the influence of genetic and environmental factors will be included, as well as an advanced overview of the physical, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional elements of development. The change process and strategies for facilitating appropriate development will be addressed.

HCC752 - Advanced Social and Cultural Foundations (3)

This course focuses on personal and professional awareness and sensitivity to issues of diversity and the impact of culture. Advanced studies will include models of cultural competency in all arenas of diversity, including race, ethnicity, gender, class, ability and more. The course will cover knowledge of pertinent concepts and issues, and acquisition of skills applicable to multicultural situations. The course is also designed to look at issues of oppression in our society and the impact of that oppression.

HCC753 - Promoting Personal and Institutional Resiliency (3)

This course focuses on identifying factors that promote individual and institutional resiliency, especially in times of transition and change. Major theories and research on resiliency at both levels will be covered. Students will have the opportunity to build personal theories of best practice about how to build and nurture resiliency in themselves, their co-workers, and those they supervise.

HCC754 - Collaboration, Colleagueship & Reflective Practice (3)

This course focuses on critical elements of sustaining individual and institutional health and wellness, as well as promoting optimal performance among individuals. Students will examine literature on the importance of building and maintaining collegial relationships, participating in reflective practice in action, and developing workplace activities that promote learning, sharing, and collaborating among individuals.

HCC850 - Research and Program Evaluation (3)

This course includes advanced studies of a range of research methods and program evaluation. Topics include: basic descriptive and inferential statistical analyses, needs assessment, ethical and legal considerations in research and evaluation, research design and implementation, and the purpose, fundamentals and process of program evaluation. Both qualitative and quantitative methods are considered.

HCC980 - Survey of Research Methods in the Social Domain (3)

This course focuses on an introduction to the selection and construction of a research design and choice of appropriate research methods for the student's inquiry to be undertaken. A variety of research methods will be reviewed. The design and collection of data, data analysis, and ethical issues related to research with human subjects will be explored.

HCC982 - Individualized Research Design (3)

This course focuses on developing an appropriate research design for each student's dissertation proposal. It includes articulating the research questions, choosing the design and being able to articulate its appropriateness to the inquiry at hand, discussing the assets and limitations of the design, human subjects and other ethical concerns, and proposed methods of data collection and analysis.