HRD200 - Introduction to Human Relations (3)

This course introduces students to a conceptual model and the skill techniques that characterize an effective interpersonal interaction. The course provides students with an understanding of the dimensions of individual and interpersonal functioning that contribute to constructive relationships at home, school, and work within the community. It involves brief supervised practice sessions of the research-tested interpersonal skills related to these dimensions. Students will be provided with assistance in understanding the application of the skills to the fulfillment of professional responsibilities in corrections, counseling, nursing, business, and management. PREREQUISITE(S): ENG102 or ENG104

HRD201 - Human Relations and Human Effectiveness (3)

Advanced training in the basic interpersonal skills learned in HRD200. Special emphasis will be given to the skills of problem definition, goal definition, decision making, program development, and program implementation, and application of these skills to personal, organizational, and community development. Recommended for any student who is interested in a human contact career. PREREQUISITE(S): HRD200

HRD310 - Career Development as Life Management (3)

The student experiences training in practical career development skills of expanding career options, gathering career information, values development, decision making, and planning for career achievement. This course studies the major theories of career development and examines current issues in the field of education and management. Recommended for students interested in personal career development, counseling, guidance, and personnel management. PREREQUISITE(S): None

HRD370 - Major Sources of Human Productivity (3)

The seminar will survey the skills, models, and systems needed to maximize individual and organizational development. Discussions and presentations will include an introduction to productivity intervention designs and training as a major ingredient for managing human resources. Focus will be on functionally relating policy, management, supervision, and delivery to information resource development. Students will design a productivity system in their specialty area. Open to all juniors and seniors. PREREQUISITE(S): HRD200