IID751 - Adult Learning, Motivation, and Transformation (3)

This course focuses on developing understanding of adult learning and the implications for professional practice. Regardless of role and formal job description, all institutional leaders must interact with adults, and an understanding of the developmental tasks of personal and career cycles is essential. Knowing how to motivate individuals, support them through times of change, and encourage risks that lead to positive transformation will be studied. Course content is designed to stimulate thinking about how to promote growth and transformation in one's own life and with others.

IID752 - Organizational Theory and Development (3)

This course focuses on developing an understanding of the effects of organizational and managerial practices on individual self-fulfillment and systems effectiveness. Foundational theories of organizational development will be covered, as will theories of organizational change. Students will be introduced to action-research methods in organizational development.

IID754 - Individuals and Groups in Organizations (3)

This course focuses on micro-level topics related to individual and interpersonal processes within an organization, including how individual behaviors, cognitions and perceptions are affected by organizational context, structure, culture, and values. Study of the critical skills needed by managers to support their ability to lead and work effectively in teams as well as to know when teams are not the best way to reach organizational goals is included. In spite of ongoing reliance on teams, many organizations do not create conditions to develop and support high performing teams. This course is designed to develop and hone the team management and membership skills of students. In particular, it focuses on helping students understand how to avoid or manage typical team "traps" that lead to ineffectiveness.

IID755 - Leadership, Creativity and Change (3)

This course explores scholarly literature and research related to leading organizations through change and sustaining renewal efforts. Application of theories related to leading organizations, organizational change, creative leadership, renewal, and sustaining change will be emphasized.

IID850 - Advanced Professional Orientation and Ethics (3)

This course includes the study of ethical issues in a variety of counseling settings and includes the moral and legal bases for ethical codes and guidelines for human service professionals. The counseling relationship and ethical and professional conduct, standards, and practices are considered. Issues related to client/counselor conflict and societal, legal and cultural values are included. The course will include a focus on methods and strategies for recognizing and resolving ethical dilemmas.

IID851 - Advanced Theory and Practice of Career and Lifestyle Dvlmnt (3)

This course includes studies of career development theory and research and the application of these in a counseling. Theoretical and operational foundations of career counseling, career decision-making, and career development, including assessment and intervention, as well as various career decision-making processes, are included. The relationship between career development and a range of life factors is considered. Practical skills for helping individuals consider career choice and lifestyle options are included.

IID852 - Organizational and Human Flourishing (3)

This course explores two vibrant and emerging fields: Positive Psychology and Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS). One basic premise of positive psychology is that human flourishing - a life rich in purpose, relationships, and enjoyment - will not result simply by curing pathology but requires building and capitalizing on human strengths and capacities. Topics of study include happiness, positive emotions, resilience, creativity, finding meaning, and optimism. POS investigates collective and emergent processes of optimal functioning, at the levels of individuals in organizations, groups in organizations, and organizations as a whole. POS is premised on the belief that enabling human flourishing in organizations involves unlocking or building potential resources, capabilities and capacities in people, groups and systems. The focus on generative dynamics leads researchers to consider the role of positive emotions, positive meaning, and positive relationships, among other mechanisms as keys to explaining human and collective flourishing.

IID853 - Appreciative Inquiry (3)

the theory and practice of Appreciative Inquiry, an approach to organizational change that emphasizes identifying and building on the good things that already exist in the system. The emerging field of Positive Organizational Scholarship is studied as well.

IID854 - Human Resource Management in Organizations and Institutions (3)

This course focuses on strategic issues and choices in acquiring, developing, motivating, managing and retaining a workforce, from the perspective of a general manager, or non-HR manager. Topics include employment law, job design and analysis, performance management, HR planning, staffing, training and development, compensation and incentive and employee/labor relations.

IID855 - Individual and Institutional Ethics (3)

This course explores the topic of ethics in the professional domain. Students will be exposed to theories of ethical practice on both the individual and institutional levels. There will be opportunities to consider ethical dilemmas that one may face as a practitioner, as well as chances to reflect on one's own ethical code and values.

IID870 - Advanced Appraisal (Tests & Measurements for Ind. & Grps) (3)

This course focuses on the study of theory and practice of appraisal, including issues of reliability and validity; evaluation procedures and test administration, as well as clinical and practical aspects of individual and educational testing and clinical diagnosis; integration and interpretation of data from a variety of appraisal procedures; report writing; and the professional communication of appraisal results. It includes legal, ethical and social/cultural issues related to the appropriate use of major instruments for evaluating intelligence, aptitude, achievement, personality and neurological conditions; and computer-managed and computer-assisted methods.

IID871 - Advanced Counseling Theory and Practice (Helping Relations) (3)

This course includes studies of major theories, approaches and procedures in counseling and psychotherapy, their historical-cultural developmental contexts, and their applications and practice. Students will be exposed to an overview of current and emerging approaches to psychological counseling, including psychodynamic, existentialhumanistic, transpersonal, cognitive-behavioral, and systems approaches. Emphasis is on both theory and practical applications of the various approaches.

IID872 - Advanced Group Work: Theory and Methodology (3)

This course includes advanced studies of theoretical approaches to and key concepts of group counseling and their practical applications. It focuses on the elements of group dynamics and process; group counseling methods; strategies and skills; historical and cultural contexts in which models were developed; leadership styles and practicalities of creating and leading groups.