ISM105 - Model United Nations (1)

This course is intended for students of all majors who participate in AIC's Model UN Club to represent AIC at collegiate-level Model United Nations conferences held each semester at various campuses throughout the country. Students will be required to attend all meetings of the Model UN Club that are called to prepare for a conference; to research the policies of their assigned country; to prepare a written position paper for their country covering the specific issues they will be debating at the conference; and to actively participate in a professional manner at the conference itself. Students will learn the parliamentary procedures used at conferences, including how to write a resolution, the current issues facing the United Nations, and how to conduct research on their country and its policies. New students will also be introduced to the United Nations and how it functions. This course can be repeated each semester that the AIC Model UN participates at a conference. Prerequisites: None

ISM300 - International Studies Seminar (3)

A reading and research seminar for international studies majors and minors on contemporary topics in world affairs that will help students make connections between the various disciplines in which they have completed course work for the program. Since the topics will change each time the course is offered, it is repeatable one time. PREREQUISITE(S): International studies major or minor in junior or senior year, or permission of instructor.

ISM390 - Study Abroad (1-12)

Intended for students who are spending a regular semester abroad; the details are to be approved by the advisor and the dean of the School of Arts, Education and Sciences. Any requirements within the major must be approved by the appropriate chair or dean; and requirements for general education must be approved by the dean of the School of Arts, Education and Sciences. PREREQUISITE(S): None

ISM398 - Internship (3)

This course allows international studies majors to deepen their understanding of international affairs by pursuing an internship with a governmental or non-governmental organization that works in an international field. They will be required to work a regular number of hours (usually 10) each week during the semester. Besides fulfilling the expectations of their on-site supervisors, they must also write regular reports for their faculty supervisor. This course is offered every semester. It also may be taken over the summer if the internship opportunity is located outside of the greater Springfield area. In this case, it is expected that the participant will work a full-time schedule covering at least several weeks for their sponsoring institution. Students may take it only once for academic credit. PREREQUISITES: Majors or minors only, junior or senior standing. Internship must be arranged at least one semester in advance with the sponsoring institution and be approved by the director of the international studies program.