ITL100 - Conversational Italian I (3)

This course will enable students to develop the basics of oral and aural skills, the main goal being to become functional in the language. The course will include guided practice in conversation to enhance communicative competence, small group discussions in Italian on practical topics, and practice of colloquial and idiomatic speech patterns in Italian to emphasize correct pronunciation and intonation. Movies and other audiovisual material will be used to enrich the learning experience and acquaint students to aspects of Italian culture and society. PREREQUISITE(S): None

ITL101 - Elementary Italian Language and Culture I (3)

This is a basic course designed for students who have had little or no experience with the Italian language. The course includes drill in pronunciation, elementary conversation, grammar and writing, and the use of a cultural approach text. This is a comprehensive language course: teaching the four skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. PREREQUISITE(S): None

ITL102 - Elementary Italian Language and Culture II (3)

A continuation of ITL101. PREREQUISITE(S): ITL101 permission of the instructor