MGT105 - Principles of Management (3)

This course offers an introduction to the principles of management and their application to business. The basic management concepts of planning, organizing, controlling, motivating, communicating, staffing, and leading provide the basis for understanding of the management profession and a basis upon which higher level management courses can build more specialized knowledge. PREREQUISITE(S): None

MGT205 - Business and the Environment (3)

This course will address environmental issues from management perspective by focusing on how such issues potentially impact on the corporation and how the organization should proactively deal with them. Major topics include: laws and regulations, "green" business strategies, benefit-cost analysis, organizational design and the "triple bottom line" and competitive and international issues. PREREQUISITES: None

MGT215 - Organizational Behavior (3)

This course provides a conceptual framework for understanding and studying the dynamics of behavior in organizational settings and for applying these concepts to improving organizational effectiveness. Included are personality, organizational theory and structure, the decision process, the communication process, group dynamics and leadership, and conflict resolution. PREREQUISITE(S): MGT105 or PSY101, or permission of the instructor

MGT300 - Special Topics in Management (check)

Descriptions change as topics vary. PREREQUISITE(S): Permission of the instructor

MGT305 - Labor and Industrial Relations (3)

This course provides a broad investigation of labor-management relations. It encompasses the historical development of the labor movement, the legal environment, and the nature of labor-management relationship. Current case decisions and role-playing exercises will be utilized to illustrate the process of contract negotiations and contract administration. PREREQUISITE(S): MGT105 or permission of the instructor

MGT313 - Human Resource Management (3)

This course examines the problems of personnel relationships in business and industry. Primary emphasis is placed upon the psychological factors in human relations; the purpose, organization, and functions of the personnel department; instruments of personnel control, such as interviewing, testing, the making of job analysis, classification, personnel education and training, employee incentives, retention, and similar related topics. PREREQUISITE(S): MGT105

MGT315 - Business and Society (3)

Current issues of ethics in society as they affect business behavior will be discussed. Topics include the social responsibilities of business, environmental issues, human rights and technological progress, business ethics, and an analysis of global societal values. PREREQUISITE(S): Open to juniors and seniors

MGT321 - Management Practicum in Business or Government Admin. (3)

This program will provide business majors with the opportunity to gain practical experience in the operations of business or government. The student will participate in managerial activities under the supervision of experienced executive and managerial personnel. Upon completion of the program, students must participate in a terminating seminar and submit a written report. An evaluation of the student's effort will be obtained from the supervisor in the organization where he or she interned. PREREQUISITE(S): Open to juniors and seniors in the School of Business Administration, with permission of the instructor

MGT325 - Leadership (3)

Leadership involves change and facing up to difficult decisions and situations. The intent of this course is to give a practical understanding of leadership, its demands, its wide variety of effective styles, and both its positive and negative impacts on organization. PREREQUISITE(S): None

MGT354 - Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (3)

An overview of the entrepreneurship process starting with the individual, the creativity process, the entrepreneurial idea/concept, the feasibility analysis and concluding with the business plan. Field trip(s) and guest speakers (e.g., alumni and faculty) appropriate to venture startup and infancy are incorporated. Topics include selling, distributing, people management, cash management, time to market, time to volume, franchising, intellectual property, and dealing with risk/fear. PREREQUISITE(S): Junior or senior status, or permission of the instructor

MGT358 - Economics of Managerial Decisions (3)

This course introduces the student to the practice of economic reasoning in the solution of real-world managerial decision problems. In addition to developing the theoretical and analytical tools of economic decision making, this course enables students to develop judgment skills required in the application of managerial economics. Emphasis is placed on the use and application of economic analysis in clarifying problems, organizing and evaluating information, and in comparing alternative courses of action. PREREQUISITE(S): ECO201, ECO202, MGT105. Open to juniors and seniors

MGT361 - Project Management (3)

This course introduces the techniques used to plan, manage, and complete projects in accordance with guidelines to which all participants and beneficiaries have agreed. It distinguishes project management from general management and examines the principal concepts and methods that have been developed to manage projects successfully: defining project objectives; the Critical Path Method; application of Lean/Six Sigma and other quality techniques; team building and conflict resolution; allocation of resources - human, physical, and financial; uses of probability to assess project time lines (PERT); GANNT Charts; and project control through budgeting. Students will apply software to managing their own projects. The course also covers the general principles of Management Science and Systems Theory - giving students an understanding of how models can be used to improve the quality of management decision making. Classes will introduce students to these areas of project management. Students will then apply the techniques and concepts to running an actual project so that they master these important skills by using them. Prerequisites(s): Business Junior/Senior or permission of the instructor

MGT376 - Advanced Management Problems (3)

This course conducts an investigation of critical, current issues affecting the management and operation of business enterprises in today's environment. PREREQUISITE(S): Senior status; management majors and minors

MGT378 - Senior Policy Seminar (3)

This seminar is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to apply the wide array of knowledge gained through his/her academic program to various real world situations. The student's knowledge application will be assessed through the analysis of complex business case problems. PREREQUISITE(S): Senior status; management majors and minors

MGT390 - Corporate Social Responsibility (1)

This course will explore the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its evolution in the corporate sector beginning in the late 1800's. Students will gain an understanding of the four components of corporate social responsibility: economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic, and the difficult balancing act faced by firms who need to focus on profitability while being responsive to stakeholders and society.

MGT398 - Directed Study (check)

Selected readings are chosen in accordance with the student's interests and background. PREREQUISITE(S): Senior status, written application setting forth objectives and reasons for the student's desire for a readings course, permission of the instructor, and approval of the dean of the School of Business Administration