MIS101 - Introduction to Management Information Systems (3)

This course provides an introduction to information systems from a business point of view. Subjects to be covered include: terminology, a survey of hardware and software, introduction to systems analysis and design, as well as an overview of the college's computer facilities. PREREQUISITE(S): None

MIS102 - Applications of Microcomputers (3)

This course is a survey of microcomputers as used in today's environment. The student will become familiar with current trends and uses of microcomputers as well as hands-on exposure to spreadsheets, databases, word processors, and operating systems. Students will be required to develop applications in each of the software areas. PREREQUISITE(S): MIS101 suggested

MIS105 - Introduction to Structured Programming (3)

Topics include the concepts of hardware and software; the use of software engineering concepts of data and procedure abstraction; introduction to operating systems and utilities; and mastering a high-level computer language (currently Java Script). Lab fee. PREREQUISITE(S): None for majors; MIS101, MIS102 suggested

MIS220 - File Structures and Procedures (3)

This course acquaints students with top-down techniques with structured modular programming using the COBOL programming language, as well as the structure of data files and their efficient access. Topics include effective data manipulation, report generation, sequential file processing, and table handling to satisfy business information needs. Lab fee. PREREQUISITE(S): MIS101, MIS102 and MIS105 suggested

MIS221 - Advanced Applications Development (4)

This course presents a formal state-of-the-art approach to application systems design and development. It is designed to reinforce the students' existing knowledge of structured programming in COBOL by exposure to advanced table handling techniques and file maintenance through batch and online transaction/file processing. Optimization and efficiency of code and logic design will be emphasized. Interactive programming and a project-oriented environment will be utilized. Lab fee. PREREQUISITE(S): MIS220

MIS300 - Computer Organization and Architecture (3)

An introduction to computer organization, architecture and programming at the assembly language level. Topics include: mnemonic operations, addressing, memory organizations, data representation, interconnection structures, i/o and operating system fundamentals. Emphasis will be on the major components of a computer system, the necessary control mechanisms and explaining the various phases necessary for converting a source program into a form that can be executed by the machine. PREREQUISITE(S): MIS105

MIS305 - Systems Programming (3)

This course introduces the student to a versatile and powerful system programming language (currently "C"). Emphasis will be on flow control, data structures, and abstraction. In addition, the student will become familiar with the UNIX operating system, its functions, and the interface between the operating system and the system programming language. PREREQUISITE(S): MIS225

MIS311 - Systems Analysis and Design (3)

This course presents a formal approach to state-of-the-art techniques in the analysis and design of computer-based business information systems. Through the use of group projects, the process of system selection, feasibility study, and system design are covered in depth. A comparison and evaluation of file and data base requirements will be included. Students will be required to use project planning during the implementation of the project. PREREQUISITE(S): MIS220 or permission of the instructor

MIS326 - Object-Oriented Programming (3)

This course will introduce students to object-oriented programming (OOP). Students will understand how object-oriented languages can reduce programming and maintenance time by providing a means of encapsulating behavior and ensuring data abstraction. Comprehension will be enforced by numerous programming assignments. PREREQUISITE(S): MIS225

MIS335 - Data Communications (3)

This course will introduce the complex technology surrounding data communication networks. Numerous case studies will be reviewed to show how data communication technology supports modern data processing. The student will be required to design a data communication system by selecting appropriate communication lines, equipment, and software. PREREQUISITE(S): A general background in MIS fundamentals is necessary

MIS340 - Data-Based Management Systems (3)

This course will emphasize the concepts and structures necessary to design and implement a database application through such database concepts as object-oriented modeling and entity-relationship diagrams. Review of logical vs. physical data organization is also included. A comparison of database models and definitions will round out the course. PREREQUISITE(S): MIS220

MIS350 - Computer Security and Control (3)

Types of controls are identified and their effectiveness is evaluated. Emphasis is on the prevention and detection of both intentional and unintentional computer abuse. Existing and proposed legislation in this area will be discussed. PREREQUISITE(S): None