MKT204 - Principles of Marketing I (3)

Marketing is a key activity that enables businesses and organizations to achieve their goals by satisfying the needs of others through mutually beneficial relationships. This course will provide students with an understanding of important marketing theory and practices, including: the marketing concept; market segmentation and positioning; pricing, promotion, product, and distribution strategies; consumer and business buying behavior; Internet marketing; and the marketing environment. PREREQUISITE(S): None

MKT301 - Professional Sales Development (3)

Professional sales is the primary personal communication tool used by businesses to find, create, and retain customers. Firms and individuals with superior sales skills will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The goal of this course is to expose students to the current state-of-the-art sales methods and skills used in business today. Students will learn through active participation and will receive the same type of professional sales training found in top corporations. Topics and methods include need-satisfaction selling, partnering skills, prospecting, SPIN questioning, handling objections, and closing. PREREQUISITE(S): MKT204

MKT302 - Advertising (3)

Emphasis is placed on practical use of advertising in the operation of the ordinary business, including the study of the various media available and their use. Sufficient time is spent on the role of advertising in the marketing mix and its effects upon our economy. Included is the study of the fundamentals of advertising creation: research, appeals, copy, illustration, layout, and reproduction. A study of the advertising agency includes analyses of current advertising campaigns and types of media chosen for such campaigns. PREREQUISITE(S): MKT204 or permission of instructor

MKT303 - Distribution Strategies (3)

Store organization, operation, and control, including location, equipment, layout, buying, markup, and merchandising techniques are examined. Minor emphasis will be placed on management problems in areas of pricing, selling and promotion, personnel, credit, and inventory control. Integrated distribution strategies, the internet and social media will be examined. PREREQUISITES: MKT204 or permission of instructor.

MKT304 - Marketing Research (3)

The ability to secure and utilize market information is critical to successful decision making in business. The purpose of marketing research is to help managers make better and more profitable decisions by providing meaningful and cost-justified information. Students will learn about the role of marketing research in decision making and how firms practice marketing research by conducting their own research in group and class project(s) for real decision makers. Topics include problem definition, selecting and using secondary data, research design, qualitative research, designing surveys, sampling techniques, scaling and measurement issues, and research validity. PREREQUISITE(S): MKT204

MKT305 - Consumer Behavior (3)

A thorough understanding of consumer behavior is the bedrock of any successful marketing strategy. Some of the topics to be covered with respect to their effect on consumer behavior include consumer decision-making; attitudes and purchase intentions; cognition and emotion; cultural and social factors; learning theories; attention and perception of marketing stimuli; and involvement. Theories and concepts will be drawn from marketing, psychology, communication, and sociology. PREREQUISITE(S): MKT204

MKT306 - Hospitality and Service Marketing (3)

This is an introductory course that surveys the hospitality and service industries. The dynamic and applications of marketing strategies are studied with relation to these industries. Case studies provide an understanding of the unique problems associated with decision making. PREREQUISITE(S): None

MKT307 - Social Media and Digital Marketing (3)

Social media has changed the much of the playing field in marketing and advertising. Through social media, customers now have access to the vast experiences of other customers to guide their purchase behavior. Conversation and participation are the norms in social media and social communities. Marketers now must embrace this new relationship with customers to be successful. In this course, students will learn about the different types of social media, create social media marketing strategy, and create content and engagement strategies for various social media and sites platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and YouTube. Prerequisite(s): None

MKT310 - Marketing Simulation (3)

Successful organizations and marketers must be able to craft strategies that achieve the desired marketing objectives. Students will have the chance to develop and implement their own marketing strategies in a real-time decision-making environment by competing against other students in a simulated consumer marketplace. Through this course, students will learn about conducting SWOT analyses, creating competitive advantages, collecting and leveraging market information, allocating resources across businesses and brands, market forecasting, market segmentation, and how to develop product, pricing, promotion, distribution, and research and development strategies. PREREQUISITE(S): MKT204

MKT313 - Brand and Price Stategies (3)

Branding is endowing products and services with the power of a brand. Students will learn how to position brands and to create differences in the marketplace. Analysis of the market, competition, technology, and cultural changes are fully examined. PREREQUISITES: MKT204

MKT315 - Strategic Marketing Management (3)

Crafting a winning superior strategy in the face of increasing global competition and turmoil in the business environment requires an approach that integrates and exploits organizational strengths to develop sustainable competitive advantage. Students will learn the process of developing marketing strategy as well as the latest developments in strategic thinking. The course will cover strategic marketing issues such as market segmentation and opportunity analysis, product and branding, pricing, marketing communications, distribution, marketing control and performance analysis. Students will explore these issues through case analyses, class and group projects, guest speakers, and by creating a comprehensive marketing plan. PREREQUISITES: MKT204, junior or senior status preferred

MKT316 - International Marketing (3)

This is an advanced course dedicated to the study of pertinent issues in international sales and marketing. The purpose is to understand the international strategy development and execution process as it affects both consumer and industrial product companies interested in global sales. Selected case studies will be reviewed. PREREQUISITE(S): MKT204, senior status and permission of the instructor

MKT318 - Sports Marketing (3)

This course acquaints students with the sports marketing field, with emphasis on marketing mix and basic marketing functions as they apply to the sports industry. Specific strategies in sports promotion, sporting goods, and health and fitness markets are explored. PREREQUISITE(S): MKT204

MKT320 - Public Relations (3)

Students develop a knowledge base, skill base and overall ability in the public relations domain. Course will examine strategic perspectives, evolution of public relations, measuring the success rate, and current issues and crisis management of organizations. PREREQUISITE(S): MKT204

MKT350 - Marketing Communication Strategies (IMC) (3)

This course introduces a model of the IMC (integrated marketing communications) planning process and the steps taken in developing a marketing communications program. Research-based examinations of organizations needs for programs that can meet the global challenges and their impact. Promotions Management, Communication Process, and Ethical Issues will be discussed. PREREQUISITES: MKT204

MKT354 - Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (3)

An overview of the entrepreneurship process starting with the individual, the creativity process, the entrepreneurial idea/concept, and feasibility analysis, and concluding with the business plan. Field trip(s) and guest speakers (e.g., alumni and faculty) appropriate to venture startup and infancy are incorporated. Topics include forms of business organization, patent/copyright laws, management, finance, store layout, employee theft, and franchising. PREREQUISITE(S): Junior or senior status or permission of the instructor

MKT395 - Marketing Internship (check)

The student majoring in marketing will be provided an internship earning 3 to 6 credits. Students will be placed in marketing departments, providing an opportunity to relate classroom concepts to practical applications in the business world. PREREQUISITE(S): The approval of the sponsoring facility, the department chair, and the dean. Junior or senior status.

MKT399 - Directed Study (check)

Selected readings are chosen in accordance with the student's interest, as directed and approved by the instructor. PREREQUISITE(S): None