PCH101 - Introduction to Public Health Practice (3)

Overview of the basic principles of public health practice, including the infrastructure of public health, the tools employed by public health practitioners, biopsychosocial perspectives of public health problems, health promotion and prevention of disease and injury, quality assurance and improvement, and legal and ethical concerns.

PCH201 - Global Health (3)

Overview of major global health issues; the socioeconomic, biological, and environmental causes and consequences of disease; and global health metrics, ethics, policies, and practices.

PCH210 - Program Planning & Evaluation (3)

Focuses on the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed for planning, implementing, and evaluating health education programs to facilitate health behavior changes in individuals, groups, and communities. PRE-REQUISITES: PCH101

PCH220 - Epidemiology in Public Health (3)

Provides an introduction to principles of epidemiology, with a focus on preparation to read an interpret research in public health. PREREQUISITE: MAT304

PCH350 - Community Health Promotion (3)

Overview of community health within the context of public health practice. Students will discuss foundations of community health, explore major health concerns, analyze determinants of health, and evaluate strategies to improve health of communities. PREREQUISITES: HCM330 and PCH101. CO-REQUISITES: PCH210

PCH360 - Public Health Policy (3)

This course will examine the essential concepts, principles, organizational skills, and political processes integral to the development, formation, and analysis of public health policy. Senior Level. PREREQUISITES: PCH201, PCH220 and PCH350.

PCH370 - Seminar in Public Health (3)

This course focuses on the integration of public health knowledge, skills, and practice acquired during the program. Emphasis will be on summarizing, analyzing and synthesizing major key concepts and critically evaluating strategies to impact the health of the public. Focus will be on current health challenges locally and globally. PREREQUISITES: PCH201, PCH210, PCH220, PCH350 AND PCH360

PCH385 - Capstone in Public Health (3)

Focuses on selecting and applying effective strategies and skills to plan, develop, and implement a culminating project that integrates coursework and internship experience. Provides students with the opportunity to focus on a key health issue in the community and/or one that is related to their intended career goals as a public health professional. PREREQUISITES: PCH210, PCH220, PCH350, PCH360

PCH395 - Internship in Public Health (3)

The internship provides an opportunity for each student to apply the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the program by working under the guidance and direction of a public health professional. With the guidance of their program advisor, students may choose to complete the practicum in a public health setting that is of interest to them and aligns well with their career goals. PREREQUISITES: PCH210, PCH220, PCH350, PCH360