PHI100 - Introduction to Critical Thinking (3)

This course offers a careful examination of the various standards that must be observed if one is to read, write, and think critically. It surveys common sources of confusion and error, such as ambiguity, vagueness, propaganda, political rhetoric, misleading advertising, misuse of evidence, improper reliance upon authority and tradition, and other varieties of fallacious reasoning. PREREQUISITE(S): None

PHI101 - Introduction to Philosophy (3)

This course provides a critical examination of several philosophical problems, including the nature and scope of knowledge, the freedom-determinism issue, the question of the existence of a God, and the status of moral judgments. PREREQUISITE(S): PHI100 suggested

PHI102 - Philosophy through Literature (3)

This course offers an introduction to, and critical analysis of, problems in philosophy, with special stress on those value aspects bearing directly upon the formulation of a philosophy of life. Selections from fiction and poetry, as well as the more traditional form of philosophic exposition, are read and discussed. PREREQUISITE(S): PHI100 or PHI101

PHI208 - Theory of Knowledge (3)

This course is designed to teach and expose students to some of the ways in which we acquire information that leads to legitimate knowledge claims. Theory of knowledge is centered on student reflection and dialog with other students. Theory of Knowledge addresses intellectual self-discovery and cultural awareness. Students will better understand the nature of learning and legitimacy of knowledge.