SWK201 - Introduction to Social Work (3)

This course studies the development of modern theory and social work methods in the various fields of social work, including case work, group work, and community organizing. PREREQUISITES: SOC101 and six hours of psychology or permission of instructor

SWK301 - Social Case Work (3)

A primarily experiential and social work course for those seriously considering social work careers. Major topics covered include methods and techniques used in social casework, the interviewing process, role-playing, and casework within the agency setting. PREREQUISITES: SWK201, SOC101 and six hours of psychology or permission of the instructor

SWK360 - Social Work-Child Welfare I (3)

This course will focus on the knowledge, methods and skills of social work practice in the field of child welfare. It will provide an overview of the current children's welfare system services and practices. Students will explore and analyze the impact of services and practices on the child and family. In addition, students will examine the historical trends in services to children and their families within the framework of supportive, supplemental, and substitute services that have evolved over time as part of the service structure in child welfare. While recognizing the impact of impoverishment, changing family structures, and other aspects of pressures on contemporary family life, attention will be given to social work approaches that encourage parenting strengths and home-based intervention options as preventive strategies in child welfare services. PREREQUISITES: SOC101, SWK201, SWK301 or permission of instructor

SWK361 - Internships in Social Work (check)

The object of the internship program is to give the student practical experience in a social agency, business, organization, or institution. Intern assignments will be made in keeping with the student's future vocational plans. Course work includes related readings, maintaining a journal, and a final paper summarizing the internship experience. Credits awarded will be determined by instructor and department chair. PREREQUISITES: SOC101 and permission of the instructor and department chair