THR 202 Styles of Acting / Acting

This course is the second course in the acting curriculum. The focus of this course will be on the identification and study of the varied styles of acting. We learn in Fundamentals of Acting the importance of focus, center, objective driven action, understanding of text, the relationship between the voice and the body, improvisation, and transformative tools for character development. In this course we will study the varied styles of acting including but not limited to, Kabuki, Commedia, Poetic Realism, Realism, Absurdist etc. We will dive into world theater styles and acting for the theater by watching video of actors training in such areas and engaging in some of the same exercises and assignments they do. We will write about such styles and debate the relevance or lack of relevance and how an actor can adapt to changing styles of performance. One major project will be assigned at the end of the semester and will culminate with the performance of a monologue or scene from one of the plays we have read in class in one of the styles studied in the course. The performance will be accompanied by a written explanation of the student process in developing the performance and a self-evaluation of their work. Prerequisites: THR102 and Sophomore Standing